How to Become Self Employed

Want to know how to become self employed, and find real work from home opportunities? Where does self employment start? Starting self employment can’t be a quick decision; a person can’t quit a job one day and become self employed the next. Unfortunately, it doesn’t really work that way. Learning how to become self employed, successfully, is an ongoing process that never really ends.

How to Become Self Employed

What is self employment? Anyone who works for themselves as a freelancer or independent contractor is a self employed professional. Earning income through work at home jobs, making money by selling products or otherwise running a home-based business, subcontracting – it all falls under the heading of self employment. Getting started is as simple (or as hard) as finding work and finding clients. Continue reading “How to Become Self Employed”

Is Self-Employment the Key to Ending Poverty?

When the economy collapsed and the world as most people knew it seemed to come to an end, lots of professionals had to re-evaluate the idea of job security. Workers had to start thinking outside the traditional employment box, and many have found answers in self-employment and work from home opportunities. Could this type of ambition and self-reliance help put an end to poverty as we know it? Some experts say yes.


The Rise of the Planet of the Self-Employed

Recent data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that almost 10 percent of all workers in the United States identity themselves as self-employed. The data further shows that self-employed workers like freelancers, subcontractors and entrepreneurs are making a tangible difference in their local economies. So maybe it isn’t the big corporations that deserve the label “job creators” – maybe that moniker is more accurately applied to those workers who decide to go it alone.

A study of poverty and self-employment, conducted by Penn State, shows that self-employed professionals in non-metro areas of the US experienced growth in personal income and a decline in family poverty levels. “We often look at self-employment as…something done out of desperation,” said Professor Stephan Goetz of agricultural and regional economics at Penn State. “In fact, self-employment has a tangible effect in raising income growth and lowering poverty.” Continue reading “Is Self-Employment the Key to Ending Poverty?”

Tips for making an Awesome Business Presentation

Making presentations can be very intimidating. However, the skill is also essential to succeeding in the business world. Whether you are an entrepreneur or part of the corporate world, you will want to develop the ability to speak elegantly. Here are some tips you can follow to communicate effectively.

Learn Business Communication Styles and Practice Them

The business world has its own style of communication. You will want to understand how people expect you to speak before preparing your presentation. You may want to research some online MBA degree programs information to learn about business terminology people expect you to use.

Business Presentation

You can also try joining a local Toastmasters group or volunteer to make a presentation at the Chamber of Commerce. See how receptive people are to your message and respond accordingly.

Know Your Audience

Never make a business presentation without knowing who your audience is ahead of time. Danielle Laporte is a well-known author and coach who admitted to making this mistake. She made a presentation to a group of single moms from impoverished backgrounds. They became very offended when she started talking to them about buying designer jewelry.

Always find out who your audience is ahead of time. This is pretty easy when you are going to be presenting in front of your coworkers, but you will want to know if any clients or other stakeholders will be at the meeting beforehand. Ask the host for more information if you are in doubt. Continue reading “Tips for making an Awesome Business Presentation”

UK hosting companies have great benefits – Check It Out Today

Companies that are directly located in the country where you live are beneficial for several reasons. First, you’re supporting another business that in turn is contributing to your local, regional, and/or national economies. That’s always a great thing. The other beneficial point here is that if you need to contact them for anything, you’re located in roughly the same time zone. That makes a lot of things easier, when you really think about it.

If you’re going to check out any of the many UK hosting companies out there, you still need a battle plan. Here’s the one we suggest, listed down below:

1. Figure out your budget

You must think about your budget. it’s very easy to go overboard without even realizing it. You don’t always need the most expensive web package, but you don’t need to go for the cheapest package. Staying within your budget ensures that your website will be around for a long time.

2. Figure out your needs

What do you really need from your website? Do you need it to be hosted somewhere that can support advanced features? Is this a small site, or something that could have a larger following in a very short amount of time? Think on these questions before you commit to any hosting.

3. Figure out your transition

When do you want to get this space? Do you want to get it right away and then spend hours moving everything over? Or do you already have someone in mind that can handle the site transition for you? We’re big fans of hiring people for specific tasks, and then letting them move on to the next project. That might sound weird for everyone that has a job, but it makes sense for the freelancer. They might not want to do full time work, and you probably don’t have any dreams of paying someone’s full time salary for years on end. It’s nice to get people’s expertise for a little while and then move on. Transitioning is something often overlooked, but it’s incredibly important.

Overall, there’s quite a lot to think about when picking up web hosting. But if you follow the steps in this guide, we’re confident that you’ll find a host that feels just right for you!

12 reason to consider before changing Hosting Companies

Sometimes the web hosting company you had chosen may not fulfill your web hosting requirements. While there are various reasons to change hosting companies, here are the 12 reasons to consider before you do.

1) Reliability is one of the most common reasons to change hosts. If your website is down most of the time, it could be because the hosting company does their site maintenance at inconvenient times or because they don’t have the resources to ensure a reliable service. As keeping your site up is one of the most important things for most businesses, changing host to make it happen is the best action you can take.


2) The price is the second reason to change hosts. While prices vary amongst web hosting companies, if you are not getting enough features or high quality services for the price you pay, you should look at other cheap web hosting services.

3) Control or access is the third reason for changing hosts. This usually becomes an issue if you want more control over your server maintenance schedule and software updating or if you find that the web host does not offer shell access.

4) Another reason for changing hosts is if the web host does not provide the necessary resources for your website like disk space or bandwidth. This usually occurs when you move from a shared host to a VPS or dedicated server. Continue reading “12 reason to consider before changing Hosting Companies”

Four Key Aspects of WordPress Maintenance

WordPress is a powerful content management system that’s just about everywhere online. However, good sites know that ongoing maintenance isn’t optional at any stage, it’s downright mandatory. Given that there are only so many hours of the day that you can build your business and patrol your site for security purposes, it makes sense to turn this task over to someone else who truly understands the process. What process, you may ask? The main aspects of WordPress maintenance can be broken down into four key components as well as many sub-tasks. This article will go into them in greater detail.

WordPress Maintenance

1. Backups

Quick question: is your site backed up right now? Chances are pretty good that you still aren’t doing as many backups as you should. How many backups are right? Well, it depends on how often your site changes. If you aren’t running a dynamic site, you may get away with weekly or bi-monthly backups. However, most people are running sites that have content that changes all the time. If this is your situation, it makes a lot more sense to get someone to do weekly and daily backups. Daily is our favorite frequency, because disaster can strike at any time. What if your server went down and couldn’t be restarted? Hardware failure does indeed happen, even on the server level.

2. Security

Good security makes looking at threats in a different way. After all, it’s not a matter of whether or not someone will try to attack your site, but when. Many predatory people online realize that software has vulnerabilities, and online software like WordPress is not an exception to this rule at all. The development team does try to close vulnerabilities as fast as possible, but no one team can stop everything. That’s why it’s up to the site owner to defend their site against attacks. Given all that you have to do in a single day, do you really want to try to learn the ins and outs of WordPress security? Chances are good that you’d rather avoid that type of thing.

3. Support

Ongoing support is key to having a great site that’s properly secured. If you need to reach out to someone you should be able to get that done. On the other hand, if you’re still trying to make sure that everything is done on your own time, there will come a point where you drop the ball. How much will that cost you if you’re attacked? How much will it cost if you can’t control a runaway plugin or a theme? These are all things that can impact your bottom line tremendously.

4. Monitoring

How much is your time worth? Wouldn’t it make more sense to outsource the tasks that you aren’t good at, leaving the other stuff for someone that can handle all of the different tasks involved in keeping your site secure? Having an outside company monitor your website means that you have more time to follow your passions. Isn’t that why you became an entrepreneur in the first place?

Overall, these are the main aspects to keep in mind while considering WordPress maintenance. If you aren’t planning to be a super technical person anytime soon, or you just want to take one more thing off your to-do list, why not start looking for this task to be handled by someone else?

Work at your own pace

You don’t have to wait until you’re old and tired to become your own boss. You too can become an entrepreneur if you put your mind to it and plan well in advance.

As you do this, it’s good to know the pros and cons of the journey you are about to take.

The pros

1. Unlimited earnings

The best thing about starting your own enterprise is that your earnings are not limited to a specific figure. Once you close a deal, all the benefits are yours to reap unlike your regular job where you would bill millions of dollars for the company only to get your usual meager salary at the end of the month.

become an entrepreneur

2. The harder you work, the richer you become

When you start your own gig, your earnings are determined by the amount of effort you put in and many people might see this as a bad thing but in real sense, it is advantageous to you. You see, the thought of having no sure salary at the end of the month motivates one to work harder. The harder you work, the richer you become.

3. Creative space

When you are your own boss, you can do a job the way you want without worrying about office politics. This will enable your creativity to bloom and you will never suffer from boredom as is the norm while working for big companies. You also have the power to choose the clients and the jobs to work on.

4. Recreational time

Self-employment helps you live life like a boss. One can choose to work hard for a whole week continuously and play golf or any other recreational activity the next one. This is why rich people live longer as they get enough time to relieve stress.

5. Skills improvement

A business enterprise is like a wine bottle. The older it gets the better it gets. New challenges along the way improve your skills and make you a better business person. Fewer blunders will occur as you get more accustomed. Continue reading “Work at your own pace”

Why building a business in 2016 is a great idea

What bad economy? What recession? With so many people talking about entrepreneurial life, you might wonder if they’ve gotten the news about the economy being not so good. However, there are numerous Fortune 500 level companies that were built during bad economies. How bad do you really want to build the business of your dreams? A bad economy doesn’t mean that an opportunity doesn’t exist. In fact, a troubled economy can actually be good for new businesses, for a lot of reasons. The first reason is that a lot of people are running scared out of the market, which means that you can negotiate for better deals with vendors. Any new business is a good business, so it means that you’re going to be able to really handle just about anything that comes along. That’s definitely a good thing — you get to save money and still help your community.

Marketing is going to be incredibly important if you want to have a thriving business. You need to take advantage of the bad economy and get your message to just about anyone who will listen. Facebook and other social media outlets are great places for that. Make sure that you are giving away value and encouraging people to check you out. This is where your service skills will come in handy. You’ll find out quickly that people are notoriously hard to please. If you can win some of the crowd, be grateful for that. You will never please everyone.

Building a Business

Be prepared for people to tell you that this is definitely not the time to run a business. Sure, people can think that all they want to. You alone know the truth about what you’re trying to accomplish. You might as well get things done in a big way and have the time of your life. Sure, it’s going to be a lot of hard work, but so is working for someone else. You might as well build something that’s going to work well for many years to come. Continue reading “Why building a business in 2016 is a great idea”

Setting Up Your First Accounting System

Every business must maintain good accounting — if but only to make their lives easier. A lot of new business owners see accounting as a black magic that they don’t really have to deal with. However, even if you’re going to allow someone else to do your books, you still need to know what type of accounting methods to use and which ones to avoid.

First and foremost, you are going to need to sit down and pick a select system to use. This might be the cash accounting method, or the accrual method. The cash method is the more popular one and is adopted by small business owners the most. It’s easier — all it really requires is that you have to account for your income the minute it’s made rather than when you actually get around to getting use of the money. Most business owners will immediately get their money, so the cash method does make sense. However, as you grow you will probably need to switch to the accrual method. This is where you have to account for the sale when it’s consummated, not necessarily when the money comes in for it. Expenses are the same way.

Accounting System

Recordkeeping is going to be important no matter which accounting system that you actually choose. You might think that you’re doing yourself a favor by setting up accounting, but you have to properly maintain your accounting work. You cannot just set it up once and forget about it. You have to enter in all of the transactions of the business. Sure, in the beginning that might not be much but what if your business takes off? You could then face thousands of transactions in a year — and that’s extra work for your accountant if they have to take care of it for you. You want to always focus on the bigger picture, and you definitely want to look at the road ahead. The more that you can focus on things, the easier time that you will have, all things considered. Continue reading “Setting Up Your First Accounting System”